What can I do in an unsafe work environment?


Regardless of where you work, there are safety hazards and concerns that you should be aware of. These safety risks increase when you work alone because no one else is there to help should an emergency arise.

At CommAlert, we are passionate about keeping your employees and lone workers safe! This article explains more about unsafe working conditions and what to do if you feel you’re at risk.

What makes a work environment unsafe?

An unsafe work environment can mean different things to different people. However, if you have voiced concerns to your employer about safety hazards at work, but they have not addressed them, this constitutes an unsafe work environment. Anytime a safety hazard is recognized but is not addressed, it poses a risk to the employees and the employers (who will be held liable).

There are many examples of what a safety hazard or security risk can look like. For example, working conditions where you or other employees work from tall heights pose a risk. Or, if you’re working outside where wildlife is present, this is another safety hazard. Also, any job you are working with the public can be a safety hazard because there is always the possibility of a conflict or, in some cases, even the risk of violence.

Your employer is responsible for executing a risk assessment for every work environment and situation. Then, they must have a risk management plan in place. In some cases, this can include lone worker monitoring and check-ins.

Worker rights and lone worker safety

As mentioned above, lone workers can face even more significant safety risks because they work alone. That’s why you must understand lone worker rights as an employer or an employee. Knowing lone worker rights helps keep you safe as an employee but also saves you from serious liability issues as an employer. The law requires work alone monitoring in most provinces and territories. Additionally, all employers are responsible for Duty of Care.

The Westray Law (formerly known as Bill C-45) protects workers in Canada. This law requires that employers take all necessary steps to keep all workers, including lone workers, safe and prevent bodily harm. Employers that do not take the required action or fall behind on steps may have to deal with serious consequences. These include major occupational health and safety fines as well as criminal charges. Furthermore, under the Westray Law, companies can face charges of up to $100,000, while more serious offences may have no set limit for fines.

Report unsafe working conditions

In Canada, employees must report all safety hazards and concerns. You can make detailed, anonymous reports through the Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). Reporting safety concerns not only holds employers accountable but also helps ensure all employees’ safety.

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