How you can support local businesses with and without spending money

While scrolling through our social media newsfeeds, we saw the phrase “Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local.”

This phrase has always been true, but it has become a harsh reality for local businesses during the pandemic. Public health orders, safety measures, and consumer anxiety has created a massive hurdle. To keep these small businesses in our community, we need to support them as much as we can.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that focusing on mutual aid at the local level has a positive impact on overall health of the community. Supporting one another as business leaders provides much needed business continuity and is essential to long term recovery. The goodwill it provides those that are struggling is immeasurable.” – Tim Carwell, President of The CommAlert Group.

Why are local businesses important?

Local businesses promote a healthy economy. They bring employment, growth, innovation, and uniqueness to our communities. The people running these businesses are our family members, neighbours, and friends. Supporting local businesses help livelihoods. It keeps money in your community, and that benefits everyone.

How you can support local businesses by spending money

Buy from local businesses

If you need something, search the web to see if a local business offers it before purchasing it from somewhere else online. Companies have adapted to the pandemic by creating e-commerce stores for their goods and services. Most will provide curbside pick up or delivery. Choosing to buy locally online will keep that money in our local economy. Plus, it helps your neighbour too.

Check for local online services and programs

If you’ve had to opt-out of in-person programs and services, go online and see if those local providers have a virtual option. You’ll find fitness classes, art and music programs, and tutoring. You’ll even find that professional services like therapists and lawyers have adapted to a virtual format. If you have the financial means, continue using these services.

Treat yourself to some take-out!

If you’re not comfortable going to a restaurant, support your favourite local restaurants by ordering take-out or delivery instead. Try to order directly from the restaurant if possible. Ordering direct helps them avoid paying a fee to a third-party delivery service.

How you can support local businesses without spending money

Talk about them

Word-of-mouth marketing has been one of the most effective methods of growing businesses. If you had a good experience with a local business, tell everyone! Nowadays, people are looking for businesses that make purchasing goods and services safe, comfortable, and simple. Share your experiences with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Share their social media content

Follow your favourite local businesses, shops, and restaurants on social media. If you see that they’re offering a special or have made a post, consider sharing it on your social media pages. Sharing and engaging with their social content is a cost-free and effective way to promote businesses in your community.

Post a positive review

With most of the world moving online, consumer reviews can help a local business gain more customers. Take the time to post a positive review on their social media pages and on Google especially. Your review will help attract new customers. Your positive feedback will let the business know that their customers and community supports them. Plus, it will make them feel good too.

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