Call Centre solutions for medical services, including contact tracing

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we give and receive medical services. Healthcare providers were always following protocol to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. However, precautions have gone above and beyond regular procedures. COVID protocols are time-consuming, stressful, and have made for a long 18 months.

If your health services team is burnt out, there are some ways a third-party call centre can help carry some of that burden.

Contact Tracing

Why is it important?

A significant component of preventing the spread of COVID-19 to your patients and staff is contact tracing. Contact tracing helps keep your team and patients protected by letting people know about exposure to COVID-19. This way, they can monitor themselves for symptoms and get tested. Once notified by a contact tracer, they can take precautions to keep their family and community safe. It will also ensure your staff can get tested after exposure so it doesn’t keep spreading.

Some people might not know if they have been exposed or infected with COVID-19 when entering your clinic. If there is exposure in your clinic, it’s up to you to help stop the spread and to protect patients and staff.

Third-party contact tracing within your clinic for your staff, patients, vendors, and other contacts will add that extra layer of protection as we enter into this fourth wave of the pandemic.

How CommAlert can help

By keeping a record of everyone who visits your clinic or place of business daily, we have the foundation for a contact tracing procedure. If an infected person has been in your clinic or someone on your team becomes infected, we will start the contact tracing procedure. That includes contacting everyone that person was in close contact with within your clinic. Having our experienced and efficient call centre agents making those phone calls will save you time and headache. It will also help prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

We have access to technology and systems to create a streamlined contact tracing system for your medical clinic. It can include mass notifications, call-out procedures, follow-up contact, or all three. We’ll customize your contact tracing procedures to your line of work and protocols. Tailored procedures will ensure they are as effective as possible. Our primary objective is to help keep people safe.

Appointment Scheduling & Call Answering

Typically, your frontend staff is in charge of answering phones and online inquiries to schedule appointments. In addition to these tasks, they’re also busy with in-person patients and taking the extra time to follow additional infectious disease protocols. After a year and a half of working with this extra burden, consider a call answering and appointment scheduling service to help lighten the load.

How CommAlert can help

We can handle all your appointment scheduling via the phone, email, or your online scheduling system. Our agents will manage new appointments, cancellations, and rebook appointments as required. You’ll receive a report with your new appointments, or we can enter it right into your online scheduling system.

Call answering services can be utilized during peak times, when the caller waits a certain number of rings, or when staff go on their breaks. Or, we can completely manage your inbound calls, whichever works best for your team.

Taking this task off the plate of your frontend staff will allow them to give more attentive care to the patients right in front of them. It’s cost-effective, professional, and a smart way to streamline both your inbound calls and appointment management. Plus, your hardworking staff will appreciate having more time to focus on their core competencies, including caring for patients.

You’ve been giving your all during this pandemic, and we commend you for it. We hope that we can help with these simple but effective services. Contact us today to learn more.