Managing inbound calls for long-term care facilities

How COVID-19 has swept through care facilities is heartbreaking. Whether your facility has experienced an outbreak or not, there’s no doubt your staff has gone the extra mile to care for and protect residents and staff. Strict health and safety protocols, and staff shortages, means more work for your team. If your team is feeling exhausted and stretched thin, there is a way we can help.

Managing inbound calls

As a 24/7 call centre, The CommAlert Group can manage some or all your inbound calls. Our agents are highly trained and experienced in working with health care facilities and services. We have compassion for the concerned family and friends who will call to check in on their loved ones in care. We can also provide assistance to vendors or other health care services that call your facility.

Equipped with the right information and instructions, we can assist these callers and provide them with the information they need. Whether it’s an update, to take and give a message, to offer reassurance, or to forward the call to someone on your team – we can take care of it for you.

Assist with administrative tasks virtually

If your staff is spending much of their time answering calls, scheduling appointments, entering data, and managing messages, we can help with that too. Virtual assistant services are like having an extra person on your team, except they’ll work from our call centre.

Having a virtual assistant can free up your onsite staff so they can spend more time caring for residents and ensuring health and safety protocols. Virtual assistant services are an affordable and effective solution for expanding your human resources.

Set up a 24/7 information line

During a crisis, having access to quick and accurate information can help reduce stress and worry. In some cases, setting up a temporary information hotline can assist with that. If you’re experiencing a high volume of calls to your facility because of COVID-19, we can take some of the pressure off by setting up and managing a 24-hour information line.

Family members, vendors, services, and other healthcare professionals can call the line to get the information they need, any time of day. Our agents are trained and equipped to provide the latest news and instructions to callers. Read how we assisted The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) with a 24-hour update line during the COVID-19 crisis.

If required, we can put a call-out procedure into place. Our call centre agents will have a priority contact list they can refer to, or dispatch messages to, as directed. Answering calls, providing information, managing phone transfers and messages can be time-consuming. These services can be part of your information line service and allow your frontline staff to focus on other things.

We want to help

The CommAlert Group is passionate about safety and helping people. Our experience in crisis communications has taught us that human connection, and quick access to the right information, can make a real difference. Reach out to us to learn how we can become part of your team during these trying times. Third-party call centre services are an affordable and effective solution. It will streamline processes and taking some of the load off your frontline workers.

Our toll-free number is 1-877-304-8725.