How outsourcing will improve customer service


Your ability to provide high-level customer service improves customer retention and your reputation. Now that online reviews are commonplace for most businesses, word of a customer service mishap will travel fast.

The challenge many companies face is supplying the time and staff needed to ensure all business calls are answered and directed efficiently. Outsourcing to a call answering service takes care of all this for you.

Here are just some of the many benefits outsourcing your inbound call management can bring your business.

Never miss a call

Even with the best intentions and a work schedule for employees that should cover all bases, calls can still get missed. The results, however, can have a significant impact. People needing your business services feel frustrated when they can’t reach you on the first try. They may also question your ability to deliver the services if you have trouble answering your phone. When too many calls come in at once, and you put someone on hold, that can also lead to aggravation. These add up as an incentive for customers to take their business elsewhere.

Solve this problem with professional call answering services from CommAlert. Our highly-trained agents are ready to serve your customers and answer calls 24 hours a day. You won’t have to worry about missing a single call, missing opportunities or tarnishing your customer’s experience.

Deliver on customer expectations

In an online world where people have access to information 24/7, customers now expect to access services at all hours. Paying staff to be in the office after hours to answer and field phone calls can get pricey — and even then, a phone call can get missed. Moreover, some businesses offer after-hours emergency services for their customers. So, you want a fool-proof, affordable way to ensure they can get in touch with you.

Outsourcing your customer service or after-hour calls to a 24-hour call centre is a cost-effective solution. With CommAlert, you can utilize our virtual assistant services, online chat services and 24/7 call answering services to go above and beyond for your customers. They (and you) will breathe easy, knowing service is available when needed.

Streamline and scale

Another benefit of outsourcing to a call centre is that you can streamline all your business processes. For example, your staff will no longer be under pressure to handle appointment scheduling, answering calls, dispatching staff, and other administrative tasks. These are all services a call centre can offer for less than you think. This allows your team to focus on tasks that attract new customers, drive revenue and scale your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how our affordable services can help improve your customer service and help your business grow!