Free up your time with professional call answering services


For most businesses, taking calls is a critical part of customer service and sales. However, this can be a challenge for busy entrepreneurs and business owners when there are so many areas of your business to attend to. If you don’t have a large staff and need your employees for other tasks, this can leave you feeling like you’re on call 24/7. This is where a professional call answering service comes in!

You can get your time back by hiring a call-answering service like CommAlert! Then, you can invest that time back into your business by using it to complete higher-value tasks. Tasks that make money.

Here, we share more on how our services will benefit your business and give you more time.

Lead generation

Perhaps some of the most time-consuming aspects of any business are lead generation and lead qualification. Taking calls and engaging with web responses can feel unending — even though it’s an essential part of generating sales for many industries. When you use a professional call answering service, they can receive calls and vet leads for you! From there, they can pass these leads over to your sales team so that they can turn those leads into revenue!

Appointment scheduling

Not only can a professional call centre offer lead generation and qualification, but they can take this one step further and set up appointments between leads and your sales team. Then, your sales team can turn prospects into income. Plus, when you and your team don’t have to worry about scheduling, it frees up more time for your business to focus on growth opportunities.

Live chat

A live chat answering service offers clients the immediate attention most have come to expect. With a live chat service, your customers will have their questions answered quickly while they’re on your website. This brings in a higher level of customer service and helps funnel more inquiries to sales. There are also certain customers who would prefer a live chat over making a phone call.

Unlike robo-chat services, CommAlert’s live chat services are operated by an experienced, professional, and empathetic live operator. Though AI customer service has come a long way, most customers prefer to receive relevant answers to their questions from an experienced human customer service representative.

Virtual Receptionist Service

In our modern era, there is an increasing expectation from customers that they can reach businesses at all hours. A virtual reception service ensures customer calls will be answered any time of day or night. CommAlert’s service is available 365 days a year. You will never have to worry about your business missing a single opportunity when you bring in a virtual reception service. Another plus is that your staff can focus on more valuable activities if they’re not constantly fielding calls. This will further maximize their time and increase overall business productivity.

Let’s free up your time!

With The CommAlert Group, you can access all these services and more! Our experienced staff will be able to answer calls 24/7 and free up valuable time. Then, you can focus on other areas of your business. As a founder or business owner, you can focus your time and energy on tasks that grow revenue and your business. Your customers will never be left unattended, and your staff will feel well-supported.

Call The CommAlert Group today to implement call-answering for your business!