The COVIDcontinuity initiative was created and is supported by a group of volunteers in your business community. We are passionate about helping others and believe that mutual aid is essential for businesses to survive a crisis such as this. We are better together.

Here are the links to our Pandemic Response Plan along with our Leadership in a Crisis Document, downloadable as a Microsoft Word document. These resources were written in consultation with Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc. and Exigent Academy Inc. These documents are free to use and we welcome you to change anything you wish, including wording, branding, etc.


If you are having trouble managing your pandemic response, or need some advice to maintain business continuity, we are here to help. For free. You can schedule an appointment with Tim Carwell, President of The CommAlert Group, or Becky, President of Intrinsic Management Consulting for a free consultation session. Please use the calendars below to book your appointment.

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Given the severity of the situation we are currently experiencing globally I am also including Intrinsic’s and Exigent’s managing directors’ information so that if needed you can contact them directly.  CommAlert has have worked with Becky and Daryl for several years and trust you will be more than adequately served by both companies if needed.

All the best friends!

Becky McCaffrey


Intrinsic Management Consulting


Daryl Black BB


Exigent INC.


Tim Carwell


The CommAlert Group