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Our Virtual Operations Support (VOS) team provides round-the-clock answering and dispatches our crisis communications team in emergency situations. This gives community members access to the resources they need, when they need them.We can customize messages to residents, alert government agencies, and work alongside emergency responders to keep people safe in your local community in crisis situations.

Crisis Communications

Many communities don’t want to think about crisis situations before they happen. We believe it’s better to be prepared for any emergency. Every disaster is different, but we have processes in place that can be adapted to meet the needs of your community.

Data gathering is the most important consideration during a crisis. When the state of emergency is lifted, our crisis communications team is on the scene immediately. We’re constantly evaluating what’s happening, how we can improve, and what our next steps should be to ensure the safety of your community members as the situation progresses.

It could be days or weeks before your community recovers. During that time residents feel fragile, confused, and even angry, which is why we’re there to empathize and offer help. We improve your community’s wellbeing by providing personal support to residents, making them feel heard and understood, and helping them get back to their normal lives.

A community crisis raises hundreds of questions, like when garbage will be collected or which power lines need to be repaired. We set up an on-location operations centre where people can ask these questions, then find and gather the answers so the right people can do their jobs. When the power comes back on, we manage data entry so community reclamation goes more smoothly and no details are overlooked.

We believe our legacy is in the systems we leave behind for next time, because there will always be a time when they’re needed. We can provide you with training, education, and a customized emergency response system so your local community is prepared for any future disasters. We’re there when you need us, and we train you for when your community needs us again.

We test our systems often to ensure you can rely on us in an emergency. The next time your community is in crisis, our VOS team is already monitoring the situation. We activate instantly to dispatch to your location, manage hundreds of thousands of phone calls every hour, and generate and relay information to first responders and incident command teams.

If you’re in trouble, call us. If you’re working with us, we’re already on the way.

Emergency Answering

Emergencies may not always be life-threatening, but we understand that every situation is important to the person calling. When a member of your community picks up the phone, they’re depending on us to solve their problem with speed and precision. We treat every caller with respect and redirect them to the appropriate resource if needed.

Our Virtual Operations Support (VOS) team provides round-the-clock answering. In situations like floods, tornadoes, and wildfires, they can mobilize our crisis communications team in seconds. We can be en route to your community in minutes to provide on-site answering and communications. This gives you access to the emergency resources you need, when you need them.

The team is made up of certified instructors, trained emergency administrators, professional communicators, and knowledgeable technicians. Backed by years of practical experience, our staff can design the right service program to meet callers’ needs over the phone and out in the field in a timely, cost-effective way.

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