Using a safety call centre for your lone worker monitoring


When you have employees who work completely alone at your business or remotely, you need a monitoring protocol in place. Work alone monitoring is necessary to ensure lone worker safety while on the job.

There is more than one way to set up a check-in protocol for your lone workers. However, outsourcing to a dedicated safety call centre, like CommAlert, is one of the most effective and low-stress options for lone worker safety.

What’s a safety call centre?

A safety call centre is a department or organization that helps businesses take and coordinate inbound calls and messages from employees regarding their safety and well-being.

Sometimes, these call centres are part of an internal department within the business. Another option is to outsource these duties to an experienced safety call centre and emergency communications specialist— like CommAlert!

How it works

Lone workers will get in touch at the beginning and end of a shift. They also check in when required per the safety protocols determined by your organization’s risk assessment for lone workers.

If a check-in gets missed, the call centre agent will follow up and go through the necessary next steps. Third-party monitoring ensures that lone workers always have someone they can reach. In addition, it ensures proper supports are in place 24/7 and compliant with lone worker legislation.

With CommAlert, we recommend a live-person check-in at the beginning and end of every shift. Having that human connection is valuable for lone workers, who often work solo for long periods. From then on, we send the other check-in reminders to a mobile device, and the worker can check in quickly from their phone.

The benefits of using a safety call centre

There are many benefits to outsourcing to a safety call centre for lone worker monitoring.

Trained and experienced monitors: When you outsource to a call centre, you know that you will always have a trained professional monitoring the worker. Work alone monitoring agents also have training in call-out and emergency communication procedures.

Human contact in stressful situations: When using a safety call centre like CommAlert, you can rest assured that your employees will always have someone they can talk to if or when a stressful situation arises. For example, we had a lone worker call our agents when they found themselves alone with a bear in close proximity. That worker kept the agent on the line until they felt they were safe from harm. Having that human contact was highly beneficial to the worker’s mental and physical well-being in this situation.

Reduced HR costs: Another benefit of outsourcing your safety call centre duties is that you won’t need to hire or keep employees to take on these duties. Outsourcing to a call centre cuts costs while keeping your lone workers safe.

Less burden on your team: It’s also important to note that using an external call centre will reduce stress for your management team and lone workers. Safety call centres ensure the work alone monitoring is taken care of and compliant with local legislation.

Reach out to CommAlert today to discuss how our safety call centre services can benefit your business!