CommAlert kickstarts its Corporate Social Responsibility division to boost Indigenous opportunities.

Reconciliation365 increases social impact and lifts up Indigenous folks and communities.

The CommAlert Group soft-launched its newest division, Reconciliation365, on January 27th. Reconciliation365 focuses on social enterprise opportunities throughout Turtle Island. We do this by creating meaningful partnerships with organizations and communities. This initiative will leverage acts of reconciliation. In fact, it will help achieve several of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

“Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve explored how Indigenous principles of exchange and giving back can be worked into everyday business activities. This can strengthen economies in the most surprising ways,” said Tim Carwell, a citizen of Beaver First Nation and CEO of The CommAlert Group. “Reconciliation365 creates pathways that bring greater understanding to this community-building approach.”

“We are seeing outrageous acts of economic reconciliation through this way of thinking and doing. Through story-telling, knowledge sharing and investments, we are fulfilling real acts of reconciliation. We are strengthening Indigenous communities and enterprise,” said Tim.

Attendees of the Reconciliation365 soft-launch event on January 27, 2024 at the Oilers Hall of Fame in Roger’s Place, amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton), Alberta. 

Welcoming new leadership for Reconciliation365.

David French, CommAlert’s President of CSR, will work with partners and Nations to roll out initiatives across Canada. David has over 25 years of experience within the social policy domain. His experience spans work in the charitable sector and leadership roles across government.

David’s work will build curiosity and collaborative approaches to life and community that will inspire future generations to adopt similar approaches. His skill set is a welcome addition to the CommAlert Group of Companies. We are eager to bring forward change and offer services across many areas!

What is Reconciliation365?

Reconciliation365 is a social enterprise that focuses on Indigenous-led projects. Additionally, it provides ways for businesses and individuals to support reconciliation. Partners can participate with an annual membership, choose a more hands-on experience, or do both.

To join this social enterprise, partners donate a percentage of their annual gross sales to approved projects. This funding will support important programs that invest in Indigenous social enterprise. For example, funding can support Indigenous language projects and programs throughout Turtle Island.

We want to build community! That means we are inclusive and welcome diversity. We want to partner with people from all walks of life, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Partners could include entrepreneurs, academics, governments and business leaders. They can be artists, athletes and philanthropists. We look forward to engaging with you and sharing more about our unique programs.

Join us!

Unity, respect, and shared visions have contributed to our progress so far! We look forward to expanding our programs. In doing so, we’ll build bridges and create cultural and economic reconciliation opportunities.

Join us! Together, we can create economic and cultural prosperity for Indigenous people. Your partnership will help organize and fund Indigenous enterprises and projects. As a result, we will lift Indigenous communities and answer the call for reconciliation. Reach out and learn about the exciting projects we are working on in the community!

We welcome you to join our work and community. Please join us on the path we follow. Contact the team for more information!

Watch our social media pages and blog for updates and opportunities.

Partnership with Power to Give

Power to Give is a venture philanthropy foundation that provides social purpose-driven organizations with capital and strategic support. Power to Give has made an important early contribution to Reconciliation365’s initiatives that will help extend our reach across Canada. We thank Power to Give and Tim Cormode, the organization’s Founder and CEO, for believing in and supporting our vision. We look forward to this partnership as we pursue bold endeavours and outrageous acts of reconciliation.

The impact of their contribution will be far-reaching. It will support upcoming projects focused on Indigenous story-telling and knowledge sharing. We look forward to walking with Power to Give. Partners like them enable opportunities for education and reconciliation in our communities.

Learn more about Power to Give.