How a call centre can help your furnace company this fall

The fall can be a busy month for furnace inspections, tune-ups, repairs, and installations for furnace companies.

During this summer’s heatwave, local HVAC companies saw incredible call volume and appointment bookings for air conditioning services and installations. If your company was under-prepared, missing calls, or having trouble with appointment scheduling, make sure you’re ready when the fall rush arrives.

Here’s how we can help with HVAC call centre services:

Call answering, whenever you need it

Missed calls translate to missed business and a tarnished reputation. Our 24-hour call centre can help with inbound call management. We can answer calls during peak call volume times, after-hours and on weekends. If you prefer, we can offer full call answering coverage for your company.

We’ll have all your company’s information, including service and fee details. We’ll have access to frequently asked questions and answers and will assist your customers with their inquiries. They’ll also assume they’ve reached someone in your office and won’t even know they’re speaking with a call centre agent.

Managing your schedule

Managing service calls and furnace installations can be a full-time job. For a busy HVAC company, your frontend staff spend a lot of their day taking calls. From those calls they’re booking appointments, dealing with cancellations, no-shows, and re-scheduling. Our call centre can take care of all these tasks.

We can manage your appointment scheduling through your company’s booking software or provide you with one of our tailored appointment scheduling solutions. You’ll either see the appointments and changes in real-time or receive an updated schedule at the end of each day. Our appointment scheduling is tailored for each business to ensure it meets their needs.

Emergency call answering and dispatch

Furnace companies often have a technician on-call to receive after-hours emergency calls. We know that during the winter, a broken furnace needs immediate attention. We also know that not every after-hours call is an emergency.

Outsourcing your after-hours call answering and dispatch will free up time for you and your technicians. Our trained agents will take the call, determine if a tech needs to go right away or if the problem can wait until the next business day. If the service can wait, we’ll ensure you receive a detailed message. Or, will go ahead and book the service appointment for the customer during regular business hours.

After-hours call answering services make things easier for you, and it saves customers on the higher after-hours fees if the service can wait. It also saves time and headaches for your technicians. They’ll only have to respond to calls that require immediate action.

Get ahead of the fall rush and make sure no customer gets missed. It’s practical and very cost-effective, especially when understaffing is an issue. Connect with us to learn how to get started.