The Goodwill Project finalist: hiregood

hiregood proudly employs people who face barriers to the formal job market. Many of our employees are experiencing homelessness or poverty. We provide on-site training, mentorship, and pay a living wage to our employees to help break the cycle of poverty.

What We Do

hiregood is a social enterprise owned and operated by Boyle Street Community Services, a charity organization in Edmonton that provides services to people experiencing homelessness and poverty. our employees, or “Helping Hands”, are a patchwork made up of members of the Boyle Street community who face barriers to employment, some of whom are experiencing homelessness and poverty. we hire youth, adults, and seniors. our taskers are highly capable, driven individuals who are excited to have meaningful work and purposeful employment. every team of taskers will be guided by an experienced mentor who will be there to ensure that the task is completed properly, safely, and promptly. The money that hiregood makes gets reinvested back into our business and our community, which allows us to support our environment, our clients, and our Helping Hands.

Who We Are

Our teams are comprised of Helping Hands who are experienced, reliable, and friendly, but face barriers to employment. we use a mentor model, meaning that our taskers have on-site supervisors to ensure the job is done right, and to provide on-the-job training. here’s where you get involved: by hiring us, you’re giving our workers and their mentors incredible opportunities for meaningful employment — and most importantly, a sense of purpose. our taskers are paid a living wage and are covered by WCB insurance, and Boyle Street Ventures Inc. is a fully insured social enterprise recognized by Buy Social Canada.