The Goodwill Project finalist: ASPECC

Vision: To reduce gender and sexualized violence and lack of inclusion in adult living by providing inclusive relationship skills training that is sex positive, shame free and celebrates diversity. That allows us to create inclusive, compassionate communities that are able to support one another across differing genders, cultures, sexualities and abilities.

Who we are

ASPECC is a grass-roots, non-profit organization that educates the public on 2SLGBTQIA++ inclusion, sexual health, consent, and healthy relationships. We provide resources, support, and a safe space for queer youth, parents, families and adults as they navigate gender concerns, sexual health concerns and support for their relationships. Our organization is completely volunteer-run and we operate out of pop-up locations and online.

At ASPECC we not only welcome persons of all sexualities, races, body types, genders, abilities, religions and cultures (and any other label you might wonder about), we will uphold the right of all members to be treated with dignity, respect and decency.

What we do

We live in a society where expression of gender, style of relationship, or sexuality doesn’t meet social expectations and can lead to stigmatization and discrimination. We provide shame-free sex education resources that promote healthy attitudes about diversity and sexuality. We provide resources online and in-person, as well as through presentations, workshops, and events. We strive to offer a Safe(r) Space that is an inviting, engaging, and supportive environment in which all people feel comfortable to be themselves without fear of discrimination or judgment. Our work is aimed at decreasing the violence folk experience due to their sexuality or gender.