5 ways a call centre can help your medical clinic

A big challenge for physicians is a lack of staff. Many busy medical clinics don’t have the human resources to keep reception and administration running smoothly. As a result, callers and patients are often put on hold, left with a voicemail message, or the call is lost completely.

A call centre can remove that burden off your reception staff and ensure every caller has a positive experience. Here’s how:

A virtual assistant can help with staff shortages

If you need help with administrative tasks, answering calls, entering data, or other reception tasks, a virtual assistant can help. Your assistant will receive the necessary training and act as a remote member of your team. You’ll receive a competent worker without the overhead cost, time, and headache that comes with hiring an employee. Your virtual assistant can work for you as much or as little as you need them to.

You can outsource appointment scheduling

Managing the appointment schedule is a significant task for your clinic. Managing new appointments, along with cancellations and rebookings, can take up a lot of your team’s time. A call centre can take over appointment scheduling for you. We can take the call, schedule the appointment, and handle cancellations and changes. We can do this on your clinic’s online program, on one of ours, or even on an excel spreadsheet. Whatever works best for you.

Every caller will speak with a human-being

If patients are tying up your frontline staff at the clinic or on the phone, incoming calls will still get answered. Our call centre agents are highly-trained and have extensive experience answering calls for medical clinics and healthcare organizations. They’ll answer each call with empathy, respect, and professionalism and ensure that caller receives the service and care they need.

Call answering takes the load off your administrative staff, allows them to better focus on the patients in the clinic, and gives every caller has a positive experience.

Call answering is available when you need it

Every clinic will have different needs. Our call centre offers tailored call answering services to meet those needs. For example, we can cover the phone lines during the noon hour or other breaks. Or, we can offer overring services. This service sends calls to our agents after a certain number of rings. Our agents are ready to take the call after-hours, holidays, weekends, or even 24-hours a day.

You can help patients around the clock

When someone calls your clinic after-hours, they’ll still receive the information they need. If the call is urgent, we can dispatch one of your physicians who are on call to assist. Otherwise, we will provide compassionate service, the information they require and take a message that your clinic will receive the next business day. After-hours call answering will take your service to the next level and help you retain patients.

The CommAlert Group can help your clinic with call centre services that streamline processes and allow you to grow. We’re there when you need us. Contact us for a consultation.