Scheduling appointments for customer visits during COVID-19

Many businesses are scheduling appointments for visits to their location. By-appointment visits can control and reduce foot traffic, making it easier to follow public health guidelines during the pandemic. Appointment scheduling allows you to manage how many people are in the building at once, so you can keep customers and employees safe.

Appointment scheduling has become an essential part of your business. It has also become a time-consuming task your team never had to deal with before. Whether you’re a plumbing fixture showroom or RV dealership, appointment scheduling services from a local call centre is a cost-effective solution.

What are appointment scheduling services?

Our 24/7 call centre agents take the call or email, and we schedule the appointments for you. We will arrange and schedule meetings and appointments according to your specific needs. That includes managing your schedule, booking appointments, making cancelations, and even sending appointment confirmations. You worry about serving your customers, patients, or clients when they arrive at your business, and we will make sure they have an appointment that fits the schedule.

What method is used for appointment scheduling?

We can schedule appointments and deliver the schedule to you in whatever method you choose. Many businesses choose to use a web-based scheduling program so both parties can check in on the agenda in real-time. After we take the call, we can log into your web-based or cloud-based scheduling program and book the appointment. This method allows you to block off time slots if you’re not available. If you’re not using a program at this time, we can make a recommendation and help you get started with one.

Or, if you prefer, we can record your appointments on a spreadsheet and email it to you at the end of each business day.

You’ll get instant messages if your schedule changes

If something suddenly changes in your schedule for that day, we will let you know! We can send email and text notifications to tell you about changes, cancelations, or new appointments. Quick communication allows you to better plan your day.

Appointment scheduling allows you to focus on your customers

Taking the task of scheduling and managing appointments off your plate will put your focus back on customers. It can also give you more time to work on areas of business that need help during the pandemic.

Our live agents are experienced and highly trained. They’re available to take calls 24 hours a day. Appointment scheduling services gives you a hassle-free way to accurately manage your schedule. It will also provide a positive experience for your customers. Plus, it’s more affordable than you might think.

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