How virtual assistant services help medical clinics

For medical clinics, time, efficiency, and patient satisfaction are three of the most important parts of day-to-day work. If your staff is swamped while in-person patients are left waiting, it takes away from a positive experience.

Using virtual assistant services can help alleviate those demands and stresses. A virtual assistant doesn’t replace jobs, but it does help make the job easier. By taking the pressure off the staff, they’ll be able to be more productive and efficient with their patients’ care.

Here are some other ways virtual assistant services can help:

Call Answering during peak times

Peak call times make it difficult to provide good service to patients both in-person and on the phone. When the phones ring off the hook and everyone needs help at once, having a virtual assistant service can help with those demands. Our call centre agents are all fully-trained and skilled professionals who are ready to help with any calls. They’ll tackle the high-volume call times so that you can handle the peak work demands with in-person patients.

Using call answering services during peak hours is also a much more cost-effective solution rather than hiring a new employee and training them to answer calls and schedule appointments. Leaving our call centre services to handle this for you means those resources can go towards your patients’ care and well-being.

Call Answering after hours

When your company is in the medical business, you might not want to leave your phones unattended or unanswered after hours. Not all medical emergencies or needs will take place during work hours, so, for some clinics, it’s vital to have an after-hours call answering service. When a patient contacts your office after hours, their call is directed automatically to a live agent at CommAlert’s 24-hour call centre. From there, we’ll handle any scheduling, questions, or dispatching your on-call personnel if needed.

Your patients’ needs will be met and dealt with just as quickly and as efficiently as though they had come in, in person. This way, the number of patients you can help, and the quality provided, will never be compromised.

Call Answering at all times

Being able to take calls 24/7 on every and any day is good for business. It’s better for your patients too. Having the assurance that no matter what, their needs and concerns will always get addressed, shows your patients that you care. Instead of constantly having to put patients on hold, an answering service will guarantee that every call gets directed to someone who can help. No patient, whether on the phone or in-person, will have to be chosen over another.

At the end of the day, this will boost patient satisfaction and overall happiness with your company. They’ll be more likely to return to you, knowing that they will get the care they need without delay.

Appointment scheduling

A virtual assistant service can also handle scheduling appointments. Instead of having to put a patient on hold before they get help, their call will be answered right away. Any scheduling, rescheduling or cancellations will be handled with ease and without delay.

You can provide access to your own scheduling system, and our trained customer service representatives can add and adjust appointments for you. Alternatively, we can take calls immediately text or email changes so you can make them at a more optimal time.

Dealing with appointments takes up a large portion of your frontline staff’s day. Let us remove that from their workload so they can be more effective in serving your patients in person or on the phone.

Investing in a virtual assistant service is never a replacement, but a means of advancing your business. By better delegating your time and focus, neither your team, company, nor patients will ever have to have a stressful experience. Contact us for a free quote!