Call answering services help businesses adjust to the ‘new normal’

The business sector has significantly changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More companies have chosen to operate with remote teams and employees. Some businesses have made the tough decision to let people go. With a focus on recovery and growth, and adjusting to the new way of operating, you might need help managing it all.

Connecting with humans is more important than ever, even if it’s virtually or on the phone. If you’re having a hard time managing inbound calls, call answering services can help. Here’s how our 24-hour call centre can help your business adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Your callers will always be greeted by a human

With remote workforces and public health guidelines like social distancing and gathering restrictions, people lack human connection. With call answering services, every one of your calls will be answered by an actual human being. Instead of a robotic automated phone system, an on-hold message, or voicemail, they’ll get to talk to and be heard by a person who cares.

The phone is a powerful business tool because it provides that opportunity to connect with customers. Call answering makes sure that connection happens with every one of your calls.

Call answering helps when you need it the most

Some businesses are experiencing an increased volume of calls amid the pandemic. It might because of the increased demand for some goods and services or that you don’t have enough people to answer your phone to manage calls effectively. Either way, call answering services can take that task off your plate. It reduces missed inquiries, a backlog of messages, and allows your team to be more productive at their core competencies.

You can hire The CommAlert Group to manage all your inbound calls or handle increased volume when you need our agents the most. We can have your calls directed to the call centre during peak call times, after-hours, on holidays and weekends, or when your staff are unavailable.

Call centre services are cost-effective

Call centre services, including call answering, is a cost-effective solution. Having a third-party assist with answering calls can be a money-saving solution because it’s a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. Our 24-hour call centre also offers call answering, dispatching, email management, appointment scheduling, and other administrative tasks.

Call answering services support a remote workforce

Many businesses switched to a remote workforce in the pandemic’s peak, and many are remaining remote. When working from home, answering, and forwarding calls to other remote employees or departments can be challenging. Instead, have all calls come through a call answering service. Customer service agents will take calls, transfer them to the right people on your team no matter where they’re working.

You provide instructions and a contact list, and we’ll know how to best transfer calls or send messages. It could be transferred to mobile phones, landlines, or sending an instant message through a channel of your choice.

You’ll never miss a call, or opportunity

Now more than ever, every call matters. A phone call can lead to a sale or start a relationship with a prospective client. Your business must be able to answer every call. It’s even better if the call is answered by a friendly and professional person, rather than a cold phone prompt or voice mail greeting. You’ll receive all your calls and messages and never miss an opportunity to follow up with your customers.

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