Why you should use a call answering service while on vacation


Summer is just around the corner, and busy business owners and entrepreneurs should take a well-deserved respite. But while you’re enjoying a restful afternoon on the beach or making precious memories with the family, who’s answering your phone? It doesn’t have to be you!

It can be a highly-trained, experienced customer service agent instead. Let CommAlert take care of your customers while you enjoy your vacation. Here’s why you should opt for a call answering service this summer.

1. So you can enjoy your vacation

A vacation is supposed to be a break from work- not an opportunity to work from a new location! When you use a professional call answering service, you give yourself the gift of time and space. Enjoy your holiday and be fully present with the people you’re with. Rest easy knowing things are taken care of. 

2. Your business doesn’t have to take a break

Just because you’re taking a break doesn’t mean your business has to. A call answering service keeps the ball rolling while you’re away. Professional customer service agents can take orders, process returns, schedule appointments, provide shipping information, answer questions, and maintain your track record of excellent customer service. With a calling answer service, it’s business as usual.

3. Callers can be routed to your staff

Unless your entire company is on vacation, you might still have employees who can help with customer matters. For example, if one of our call operators needs to forward a call to someone without your organization, they can do so. We can also route callers to specific departments, schedule appointments, or dispatch a staff member if required. 

4. You can still connect with your most important clients

Some calls can’t wait until you’re back from holiday. That’s why our call answering service can transfer important calls to you (if absolutely necessary). So whether it’s an emergency call or a meeting with a large account holder, we’ll work within your specifications to ensure you’re in the loop if you want to be.

5. You can still stay up to date

Your company’s call history is available to you. So you can still check to see who called, when, and why. Our professional call answering service documents all that information and makes it accessible for you, no matter where you are!

Professional call answering services with CommAlert

At CommAlert, we offer comprehensive live call answering services for businesses of all sizes. Our trained and professional live operators are ready to support your company this summer.

Let us take that call so you don’t have to.