How furnace companies can manage the seasonal influx of calls

When winter hits, it is common for furnace companies to receive an influx of calls from customers. Because homeowners are now totally dependent on their heating systems, inspections and service calls are more frequent. If you own an HVAC company and are having trouble keeping up with your inbound calls, call answering services can help.

Call answering services can manage large call volumes

Our 24/7 call centre is always ready to answer a call from your customers. If you or your employees are missing calls or don’t have the time to give a high customer service level to every caller, we can help.

Our experienced and trained agents have the time and expertise to help every caller. They’ll receive the attention and customer service you want to provide. Not only does this help the customer, but it will also help build a brand of trust and reliability for your business. Read more about how we can assist HVAC companies with call answering services.

We’ll give the information a customer needs

Not every call is an emergency. Also, not every call will require a service call. Equipped with answers to frequently asked questions and information about your company, our agents can give callers the information they need.

If they’re asking about clearing snow from a furnace exhaust vent, or if they’re troubleshooting a rattling sound from the furnace, we can point them in the right direction. Sometimes, the information is all they need. Other times, we can dispatch a message to a member of your team or schedule a service call if required.

Call answering services are available around the clock

In Canada’s cold climate, a furnace that is not working can become a real emergency. If you offer emergency services, we can be that first point of contact for your customers. We can take the call 24/7 and determine if your technician on-call needs dispatching to the home for emergency service. Having a call centre on your team takes the pressure off your staff. Call centre services can help streamline those calls to ensure those who need emergency service get it quickly.

Trust The CommAlert Group to care for your customers

The CommAlert Group has been in the call centre business for over 25 years. We have worked with many trades companies over the years, especially companies like yours that offer emergency repair services. Our experienced agents will know how to answer questions and will have the discernment to connect with someone from your team when they don’t.

Your customers will not know they are reaching a call centre. They’ll receive a high level of customer service that they deserve. You’ll see the immediate benefits of outsourcing this task, as your employees can focus on their jobs, and you’ll find peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of.

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