Dear friends,

The COVID-19 public health emergency has created immense challenges throughout the business community. As a business-to-business service provider, I wanted to take the time to let our customers know how The CommAlert Group has responded and is responding to the quickly changing circumstances brought on by this pandemic.

I want to start by assuring you that our call centre services have not been and will not be disrupted. We are an emergency communications company, and as such, had a carefully detailed business continuity plan for times of crisis. For our own team, our call centre went 100 percent remote during the last week of January. We canceled all international travel on February 28th and all non-essential domestic travel in the second week of March.  

In anticipation of the increased volumes, we hired and trained new employees remotely, using video conferencing and remote management technology. This was a necessary step as we are designated an essential service across every province and state in North America.  This preparedness allowed us to build the capacity to take on new and increased call answering, emergency communications, and a suite of virtual assistant and call centre solutions. 

I also co-founded, which is a large bank of free resources for leaders in business. New resources, news, and informative content are curated daily from our champions in business continuity, and everything posted is available for download, quickly, easily, and at no charge.   

For more information on, or the other emergency communications and call centre services we offer, please contact me directly at 1-877-304-8725.  I am happy to share what we did, and details of our business continuity plan, with anyone who needs assistance. 

If you or a business you know is having trouble managing inbound calls due to increased volume or limited staff during this time, please have them reach out.  We’d be happy to help.  We are better when we help each other. Stay safe, and stay positive.

Warm Regards,

Tim Carwell

President & CEO

The CommAlert Group