CommAlert is expanding services in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The CommAlert Group’s services are available across North America. However, we are developing services in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to meet the specific needs of the demographic there.

CommAlert has built a relationship with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC). In 2020, we helped them streamline their communication and application process for distributing the Indigenous Community Support Fund. This Covid relief funding supported First Nation citizens from Manitoba reserves who were living off-reserve in Winnipeg.

“Our experience partnering with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs on this major project was so positive that I felt it was our opportunity to expand CommAlert’s Indigenous services business into Manitoba,” said Tim Carwell, President and CEO of The CommAlert Group.

Services tailored for Indigenous businesses

CommAlert will offer its suite of call centre services tailored to meet the needs of Indigenous businesses in Winnipeg. Services will include call answering, information lines, virtual assistant, mass notification, work alone monitoring, and other emergency communication services.

CommAlert is seeking opportunities to engage and partner with other Indigenous businesses. Because of the partnership developed with the AMC and that Winnipeg has the highest number of urban Indigenous residents in Canada, it’s essential that we have a presence there.

Goals to hire Indigenous employees in Winnipeg

CommAlert has engaged with a colleague in Winnipeg to help create a strategy to expand into that market. Kailee Grimolfson, President of REFINE, assisted CommAlert with our crisis communications response in High River, Alberta, during the floods in 2013.

“We want to expand our services, and the goal is to hire Indigenous employees there in the future. I’m looking forward to learning more about the diverse communities in and around Winnipeg. Historically, it’s a pretty important part of Canada, and I’m excited to meet leaders from the communities there,” said Carwell.

If you’re a business in Winnipeg that can benefit from our services, please reach out to us.