Connect with Web Users in Real Time with Live Chat Support

The CommAlert Group offers live chat services for your company’s website. Our operators can monitor and respond to any live-chat messages and questions from your web visitors.

Live Chat Support

How do web chat support services work?

When your web visitors are on your website, a little web chat support box can appear asking if they have any questions or need help with anything. When they type in a question, one of our live agents will receive the chat notification so they can assist that customer.

When you hire The CommAlert Group to offer live chat support to your online users, you will provide us with commonly asked questions. In most cases, this information will be enough for us to give them the information they need. You can also give us access to your company’s knowledge base, so we can look up the information we need on our own computers, the same way your staff would at your place of business. With access to your system, we will have access to all the information we need to assist your online customers.

Why use live chat support?

Live chat support offers your customers a simple and convenient option for getting information instantaneously while on your website. It provides them with a direct-to-agent service, so they can get the answers to their questions in seconds, without having to search for it or pick up a phone. This additional level of customer service can help increase sales, both online and off, while making your website easier to use.

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