Why your municipality needs a Community Information Line

An essential tool for municipalities in crisis and non-crisis situations

Access to accurate and updated information is critical for community members and stakeholders in your municipality. A Community Information Line will provide callers with current, timely information in both emergency and non-emergency situations, 24-hours a day.

Speaking with a live person to receive this information will relieve stress while building their trust and confidence in municipal services, governance, and leadership.

Emergency communications and call answering

The CommAlert Group is an Indigenous business that offers 24-hour emergency communications and call centre services. We provide full-service communication and response solutions for businesses and communities, including:

  • 24-hour Community Information Lines
  • Virtual reception and appointments
  • Emergency alerts and mass notifications
  • Emergency call answering
  • Crisis communications
  • Lone worker monitoring

A Community Information Line can provide callers with information regarding municipal utility and service interruptions, natural disasters or crises, special events, and other situations that require quickly accessible information. A live agent will answer each call, offering updated information on the situation and can help the caller as needed.

Having 24-hour access to the correct information in emergency situations can put those involved at ease, ensure their safety, and help the emergency response go much smoother.

In a non-emergency situation, a Community Information Line can mitigate frustration, help events run smoothly, and relieve municipal administrative staff of a high volume of inbound calls. It’s a cost-effective solution for streamlining reception and administrative processes while ensuring residents and stakeholders receive the service they deserve.  

Community Information Line Case Studies

Here’s how The CommAlert Group’s Community Information Line service has benefited other organizations and municipalities.

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Funding Applications

In the spring of 2020, COVID relief funding was announced for off-reserve First Nation Citizens in Manitoba. The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) was flooded with hundreds of calls, emails, and social media messages a day inquiring about the funding and application process. They needed a system for more efficient application processing and inquiry response.

CommAlert created a new system within 48 hours that streamlined their processes and solved the problem. AMC also benefited from CommAlert’s 24-hour call centre because they could answer calls and provide information to citizens outside of the typical 9 to 5 workday.

With the new system in place, AMC could quickly and efficiently process applications and distribute information during the first, second and third rounds of funding distribution.

The Community Information Line and streamlined application process relieved stress and ensured those impacted by the pandemic received funding. Both organizations are pleased with the new partnership and look forward to working together in the future.

Information Line and Support for 63 First Nation Communities

The CommAlert Group assisted AMC with a second project that provided information and pandemic support to 63 First Nations reserves in Manitoba. 

We created and executed a system that helped process applications and scheduled delivery for COVID-19 safety kits and funding to these communities. The safety kits included important supplies like masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. 

As the need for support and call volume increased, The CommAlert Group developed a program with AMC to provide call centre training to local and off-reserve First Nations citizens. This training program coached Indigenous team members so they could operate the needed Community Information Line. We offered 24/7 coaching to these new agents and provided phone line support on evenings and weekends. 

This initiative provided education and jobs for Indigenous individuals while providing a solution for the First Nations communities needing support. Those communities had access to accurate, updated information about their funding and supply applications and delivery status. 

High River Flood Crisis Information Line

High River Flood

After the 2013 flood in High River, CommAlert was contracted to set up a crisis communications centre on-site. High River residents, businesses, and stakeholders needed a system to better access accurate information about the flood and most current situation.

Within 24 hours, the CommAlert team was on location in High River, managing a Community Information line for anyone needing quick and up-to-date information about the flood and restoration process.

Because many people had been evacuated, having access to timely information helped reduce stress in the community. It also allowed government, crews, and responders to focus on clean-up and restoration, so residents could safely return to their homes.

CommAlert operated this crisis communications centre on-site for eight months. We also helped the municipality of High River acquire a new emergency alert system following the disaster. Our contribution proved to be a vital part of emergency response and disaster recovery. 

Get started

The CommAlert Group can streamline your external communication system, saving human, monetary, and capital resources. Our Community Information Line will serve stakeholders 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. The service ensures they have access to timely and accurate information. In addition, they’ll receive professional and compassionate live-person service, reducing stress, mitigating frustration, and building confidence in your organization.

We can design our call answering system to work across multiple municipal departments, customized to each department’s needs.

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