Why Your HVAC Company Needs After-Hours Call Answering


If you offer 24/7 emergency repair services, you need to have someone ready to pick up the phone around the clock. HVAC companies in this climate need to provide 24-hour repair services because if someone’s furnace stops working on a cold winter’s night, it really is an emergency. 

Who is answering your phone at 3:00 AM? Is it you? A staff member you pay to be  on call? Or is your company unavailable after-hours?

After hours call answering services is more than just picking up a phone, although that’s the most critical first step. After hours call answering can become an integral part of your HVAC company’s customer service and help your business grow. Here’s how: 

After hours call answering can include 24/7 dispatch services. 

Having a broken furnace in the dead of winter can be an emergency, regardless of what time of day it is. If they can’t get the heat back on, and fast, their home will start to freeze up. Not only is that uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, but it can also lead to frozen pipes and a score of costly problems. Your customers need an HVAC company that can help them when they need it the most. When that company is yours, you get the business and help people in need too.

After hours call answering can include dispatch services. When your customer calls after your office is closed, the call comes into The CommAlert Group’s call centre. One of our experienced operators takes the call, helps the customer and dispatches one of your technicians if necessary. Just like that, your company earned new business and helped a customer, earning their loyalty. 

After hours call answering can help in non-emergency situations. 

Truth be told, a lot of inquiries that come in from after-hours callers can wait until the next business day. An experienced operator will be able to discern which calls are emergencies that require a technician dispatched, and which can wait until business hours. This can put your customer’s mind at ease and save them money too, as after-hours service calls are typically expensive. 

If you or your employees are on-call, you’re spending a lot of personal time weeding through these mostly non-urgent after-hours callers. Instead, enjoy that time away from work and let The CommAlert Group help your customers. Then when you’re back to work, you’ll receive a report, so you know which customers require a call-back and how to prioritize them. 

After hours call answering services can answer questions and schedule appointments. 

Not every after-hours call is an emergency, but those customers still need help. Call centre operators will have the information they need to help each caller. When customers call your HVAC company after hours, they’ll be greeted by someone who can answer common questions, access resources, and provide assistance.

Call centres can also help schedule service appointments. Whether we keep a separate calendar or interface with your own software, we can easily schedule appointments while you’re in or out of the office. That allows you to relax when you’re off work. It also frees up your time at work so you can focus on running and growing your business, leaving some of the tedious tasks to us. 

Contact us to learn more about how call centre services can help grow your HVAC business.