When call volume isn’t manageable, a call centre can help

Companies spend a lot of money to market their business, attract new customers, and get leads. When someone calls your business, that call is the result of your investment and hard work. Even if you’re not spending a lot on marketing and advertising, every call that comes in matters – no matter what.

If you’re unable to answer calls because of high call volumes, that is a missed opportunity for your business.

It could result in missing out on sales and even tarnishing your reputation. Whether you’re understaffed, your business is growing or you’re experiencing more calls than expected, call centre services can help.

Call centres never miss a call

At CommAlert, we have the technology and trained agents to manage your inbound calls effectively. If you find a particular situation, time of year, or time of day results in a surge of calls – we can handle the overflow. If you need someone to answer your calls during holidays, lunch hour, or after-hours, we can provide customer service to your customers during those times.

What is call overflow?

Call overflow is when your call volumes surpass your ability to manage those calls effectively. That is when a call centre can step in, and we have the technology to do so.

For example, if you receive a high volume of calls right after the lunch hour, we can set it up so that after a certain number of rings, the call goes directly to the call centre. If your staff can get to the phone, great! If not, your caller is still greeted by a professional that can help.

Here is an example of how call overflow management can assist in an emergency: If there is a natural disaster and your business is suddenly inundated with hundreds of calls, we can set up a crisis communications triage or support line to take those calls. Not only will we provide callers with the information or services they need, but we can dispatch messages and staff on call according to your instructions. We use automation to route calls, take and deliver messages, and provide reports.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of this? Increased sales opportunities, improved customer service, and business continuity. You’ll prevent long hold times, reduce abandoned calls, and improve the quality of calls to your business. If you can’t manage your calls on your own, this service will strengthen your brand and reputation in the marketplace.

Call centres are operating 24 hours a day

The CommAlert Group offers a 24-hour service, every single day of the year. Essentially, that means there will always be a human-voice to take the call and assist your customer. Our experienced and professional agents use specific scripting, including answers to frequently asked questions and other company information. They follow protocol when it comes to scheduling appointments, taking messages, dispatching on-call staff, and other tasks you would like them to perform.

Easy to set up and affordable

Call answering services are easy to set up. We can have your company up and running, ready to go with our call centre agents after a phone call. Pricing is based on call volume and time. You’re billed for the time our agent is working for you, down to the minute. You’ll find this pricing model efficient and affordable.

We can customize your call answering service to meet your business’s specific needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Contact us today.