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Call centres can provide medical, dental and other healthcare organizations with a suite of services that can streamline processes and improve patient care. These services include regular-hours call answering, after-hours call answering, data collection, appointment scheduling, email support, roster management, dispatch, and other virtual assistant services. Utilizing these services can speed up response times from your clinic, allow your staff to work more efficiently and enhance the patient experience overall.

Here are some ways healthcare organizations can benefit from call centre services:

Improved patient care and experience.

In most clinics, front end staff is responsible for welcoming and administrating patients as they come in for their appointments. If those staff members are busy with constant incoming calls and collecting new patient information on the phone, their focus on the people that are physically present is diminished. When those tasks are being taken care of by a professional call centre like The CommAlert Group, medical staff can better serve the people who are right in front of them. This improves the overall experience for every person that walks in the door. Meanwhile, every person who calls in will receive a more attentive service too. 

Accurate and efficient management of inbound calls.

When patients call your clinic, are they always put on hold before someone can assist them? Are your frontline staff having a hard time maintaining call quality because they’re too busy with the patients that are physically in the clinic? Call answering services can help improve call quality. No call will go unanswered and experienced call centre agents can focus on each call, ensuring all the necessary data is collected, appointments are scheduled and that the person on the line felt well cared for. Offering consistent, focused service with every patient is key to quality care.

If your frontend staff can handle inbound calls during regular office hours, or you have no one answering the phone during lunchtime, you might consider after-hours calling services. The CommAlert Group can manage inbound calls during a lunch break and after your clinic is closed. This allows you to serve patients around the clock and provide better service during high volume call times when your receptionist is busy.

More efficient use of your skilled staff.

If your trained technicians, medical assistants, and nurses are spending a lot of their day answering phones and scheduling appointments, is that the best use of their time? Transfer those tasks to a call centre, so your skilled labour can focus on their core role within your medical organization.

Acting as a virtual assistant, a call centre can help with managing inbound calls, appointment scheduling and administration, dispatch, message delivery, and even email support. The CommAlert Group can integrate with your data collection and appointment scheduling software, and make changes in real-time, so you never have to guess if each detail was entered correctly. This allows you and your skilled medical staff more time to focus on your core competencies and providing consistently exceptional care to your patients.