How can 24/7 call answering help in an emergency?

An emergency communications plan is a critical part of your organization’s emergency response plan. Natural disasters, accidents, system malfunctions, and other safety hazards do not necessarily wait until business hours. A timely response is necessary to keep people safe and reduce property damage.

An emergency call answering service can work around the clock to take emergency calls, send notifications, and initiate emergency communication protocol. If you don’t have a communication system in place, start preparing one now.

Natural disasters

Fire, flood, blizzards and other natural disasters can hit without warning. The disaster might directly impact your organization, or it could directly affect your customers and stakeholders. Whether you’re a small municipality or a trades company, you could have frantic callers calling at all hours trying to find information that will help them.

Emergency call answering services will take those calls. Each inbound call is received by a calm, professional, and informed agent that can help. This quick access to information will relieve stress for those impacted and ensure everyone gets the information they need to stay safe. Having this around-the-clock coverage can make a huge difference in an emergency for your business and your customers.

Crisis communications for industrial facilities

In the oil and gas industry, some emergencies can become a dangerous crisis. So when our call centre gets the emergency call from your oil or gas facility, we spring into action according to your predetermined emergency communications plan.

We can use mass emergency notifications to send urgent messages to your employees, assets, and surrounding community members. These emergency alert messages can be customized for every group on your contact list on our updated database, so everyone gets the information they need. For example, alerts can be sent out to ensure employees evacuate and head to a muster point. Or, it can be to provide helpful information about the situation and the next steps to avoid speculation and stress.

The key is that people get timely and accurate information during and after the emergency. Emergency call answering eliminates speculation, reduces stress, and ensures everyone has the information they need to stay safe.

Building system failures for multi-unit buildings

The power is out, the HVAC system stops working, or the pipes are freezing. If you own or manage a multi-unit residential or commercial building, you need to immediately fix these issues for your tenants. Being without heat in the winter or burst pipes causing floods in the basement can result in safety issues and expensive repairs if not dealt with quickly.

A 24/7 emergency call answering service can help handle these concerns. Your tenants can call at any time to receive quick and accurate information about their situation. We can inform them that you have reached a technician and that they are resolving the problem. Speaking with a live agent can turn their panic and frustration into calm. Access to information through 24-hour call answering shows your tenants that you are responsible and reliable.

Prepare your business or organization with an emergency communication response plan. Our highly trained team can handle the emergency calls and initiate your procedures 24/7/365.

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