How a call centre can assist in an emergency

Disasters, either natural or human-made, can happen quickly and without warning. Every large-scale business and municipality must have a plan for disaster recovery. Not only is safety a concern, but business continuity as well. Emergency communication is a critical component of this.

A call centre that specializes in crisis communications, like The CommAlert Group, can help with responsive emergency communication services. Here is how a call centre can assist with communication in the case of an emergency.

Ready to take the call.

Disasters don’t only occur during business hours. A call centre is ready to take the call, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. When the call comes in, our experienced and highly trained live agent will deploy your emergency communications plan. That could include alerting key personnel, deploying an emergency response team, triggering your mass notification system emergency alerts or any other actions you’ve determined in your emergency response plan.

Emergency Alerts

If you can give warning or need to relay a message quickly to your employees or community members, the most effective way to do this is through a mass notification system. Emergency alerts can be sent via text, using customized messages combined with emails, social media alerts, and even telephone calls.

As soon as we get the call informing us of your emergency, we will initiate the mass notification system following your emergency communications plan. We’ll use the contacts you provided and get those messages out there. These contacts could include employees, stakeholders, government agencies, and people who live within the emergency zone.

Crisis Communications Triage

Ensuring communication is clear, and information is accessible to everyone involved in the disaster is key to safety and recovery. The CommAlert Group offers a mobile crisis communications emergency response team. Acting as a communications triage, we can set up in your emergency zone after first responders have determined it is safe to do so. From there, we’ll be available around the clock to answer calls and provide information and resources to stakeholders, employees, and residents in the area. Access to current, accurate information will help people get organized, keep them safe, reduce panic, and aid with emergency recovery.