CommAlert’s Tim Carwell joins The A100


Tim Carwell joins The A100, a tech leadership and innovation network.

The A100 is a member-driven, non-profit organization that focuses on the growth of tech and innovation. It is a network where business leaders can connect, share experiences, collaborate, and help grow the next generation in the industry.

To join the A100, you must have built a successful company as a founder or C-Level executive. In addition, you must have the skills, expertise, experience and network to help other Alberta startups succeed.

Tim Carwell, the President of The CommAlert Group, recently had his membership to The A100 ratified.

“Lifting up others and giving back have always been important to me in life and business. I appreciate The A100’s culture of doing that. I look forward to sharing my insight and encouraging other Indigenous folks like me to contribute to innovative organizations like this one,” said Carwell.

Background in mentoring in the tech industry

Mentoring and assisting startups have been a long passion for Carwell and his team at The CommAlert Group. Their 2022 initiative, “The Goodwill Project,” gave away their fully furnished downtown office space, with the lease and internet paid for two years, to a deserving startup tech company.

He also assisted with the development of the IndTech program with Norquest College. IndTech is an employabilities and technical skills training program for Indigenous youth (ages 15 to 30). Its goal is to provide learning and employment opportunities for Indigenous people in the digital economy while advancing diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

Carwell has also volunteered as a mentor with Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMS) and takes on private projects that assist and coach new entrepreneurs.

With his experience and passion for local entrepreneurs, helping others, and the tech industry, Carwell’s membership with the A100 makes perfect sense.

About The A100

A100 members have the opportunity to impact the province significantly. Members create local grassroots initiatives, mentor new tech entrepreneurs, invest in local startups, and advise policymakers. Volunteer members also provide advice and capital across the tech ecosystem and collaborate with on-the-ground organizations that support Alberta’s tech leaders and industry.

“I am excited about my membership with The A100 and to contribute my insight and experience to the next generation of Alberta tech leaders. I look forward to meeting new people, and helping others succeed in an industry I’m very passionate about,” said Carwell.

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