Call answering services solve increased call volume challenges

Incoming calls can be the lifeblood of a business. A call to your business brings the opportunity to either gain new business. It can also provide the kind of customer service that retains it.

In this study from Google, results showed that after searching online 70% of mobile users will choose to click-to-call a business they’re interested in. 59% stated the call was important to get quick information and 57% said they preferred to speak to a real person over an automated system. Proper operation of your phone line is essential to good business.  If you think your business isn’t managing call volume properly, it can impact your reputation in the marketplace and your bottom line.

Why it’s important to manage high call volumes

If you’re struggling to manage call volume, a call centre like The CommAlert Group could be the solution. There are many situations when missing calls can have negative impacts. For example, in emergencies, missed or mishandled phone calls could result in putting people in danger. This is in addition to giving bad customer service. You need a reliable representative to take those calls and dispatch appropriate action. That might mean passing the information along or initiating the next stage of your emergency communications plan.

In light of Covid-19, we saw and are seeing many changes in how we communicate with our customers. With restrictions lifting a stage at a time, things like business hours, operation procedures, and other essential components of how you’re doing business are continually changing. Call centre services will make sure to inform every caller of these changes. Clear communication is vital in providing excellent customer service.

How call centre services can manage calls

The CommAlert Group offers 24-hour call answering services. Our highly trained call centre representatives can manage your calls with professionalism, following your instructions and procedures. Whether its handling call overflow, after-hours calls, or all your inbound calls, you can trust that customer service, message taking and dispatch, and data security are the top priority.

Here are some call answering services that can help:

  • After-hours call answering: Never miss a call or chance for new business after business hours.
  • Emergency call answering and dispatching: If an emergency call comes in, our agents initiate your emergency communications plan as per your specific protocols.
  • Over-ring call answering: This is when a call comes into the call centre after a certain number of rings to your place of business.
  • High volume call answering: Calls come into the call centre when they reach a specific volume. Because many businesses experience peak call times, this can help take the pressure off your staff and ensure excellent customer service is constant.
  • Virtual assistant services: A call centre can act as a virtual assistant or receptionist for your business. This service can help with inbound calls, dispatching messages or on-call staff, appointment scheduling and canceling, live web chat support, and other virtual assistant services.

Call answering services allow you to provide uninterrupted service to your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Partnering with us will prevent long hold times, hang up rates, and strengthen your customer service, reputation, and brand image. This service may be essential for business continuity, especially during times of constant change and challenges.

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