Social Media Management and Support

Social media has become a major mode of communication for businesses, organizations and governments. It’s an incredibly effective tool for sharing information about your business, engage with followers, participate in conversations and promote your business.

Social Media

Managing and monitoring your organization’s social media channels is a necessary but time-consuming task. We all know we should be doing it, but it just never seems to be a priority. The CommAlert Group has expanded our business communication services to include full social media marketing management and other social media support services.

What is included in social media marketing management?

We can customize a social media management package that will meet your specific needs. Whether you need us to create a content calendar for your social media channels and schedule posts, require simple monitoring services to ensure users receive a timely response to their comments or messages or want all your social channels completely managed by us, we can take care of it.

Our digital communications experts have experience creating and executing successful social media marketing strategies on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. They can craft clear and concise messages, appealing content and promote your brand while continuously engaging with individuals and organizations in the vast online community. We can take this task off your plate.

Often included in our social media marketing packages is social media advertising management. We can create appealing advertisements on your social media sites, hit your ideal target market and help you reach your advertising goals. Part of advertising management is monitoring your ads throughout the campaign, and adjusting creative, content or targeting as required to increase reach. When the campaign is complete, you’ll receive a full report of the results and any recommendations moving forward.

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Social Media Packages and Pricing

CommAlert Group offers bronze, silver, and gold packages for social media services. These include content curation, posting, monitoring, management, and more. Submit your email and we will send you our pricing guide so you can learn more about the social media services we offer and find the package that suits you business.
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