Why check-ins are vital for lone workers


Lone workers are at a higher risk simply because they work alone, and it’s vital to implement safety systems that protect them. For example, use a check-in system from a company specializing in worker safety and monitoring.

As an employer, it’s your legal and ethical responsibility to keep your workers safe at work.

Employee safety

Lone workers are also particularly vulnerable to workplace risks. Therefore, a reliable monitoring system, including check-ins, is vital for lone worker safety.  Most jurisdictions require them by law, and it’s the employer’s responsibility to conduct a risk assessment and create a monitoring and check-in plan accordingly. 

If one of your lone workers misses a check-in, CommAlert immediately initiates emergency call-out procedures.

Understanding Lone Worker Legislation in Canada

Stronger focus

While mistakes happen when the mind wanders, regular check-ins can keep your employee focused on the task at hand. Workers receive periodic reminders to check in throughout their shifts and must check in with one of CommAlert’s 24/7 live operators at the start and end of their shifts.

When workers are engaged and paying attention to their work, they’re less likely to make mistakes that could put their well-being at risk.

CommAlert also enables lone workers to check in via a mobile app. This easy option means they don’t have to break their focus or lose time in the day calling into an office. If you can minimize distractions in a potentially risky work environment, you’ll reduce the likelihood of errors.  

Improved communication

Remote check-ins lead to improved communication, which can keep your workers safe. For example, CommAlert’s lone worker monitoring system uses live operators that speak directly with your worker at the start and end of their day. If the worker prefers, the check-ins throughout the day can also be with a live operator. 

Then, employees can communicate crucial details about their physical condition, the progress of their tasks, and their environment. These details might prove key to a successful rescue if something goes wrong.

Safer work environment

A lone worker monitoring system with a remote check-in demonstrates your commitment to the safety and well-being of your employees. In addition, putting safety procedures in place creates a positive company culture where workers feel valued and protected. They know someone is looking out for them and taking steps to ensure their safety.

In this healthy work environment, you can expect employee satisfaction to be higher. They’re also more likely to speak up about safety issues. These insights are beneficial for minimizing safety hazards and preventing workplace accidents.

Lone worker safety solutions by CommAlert

CommAlert’s lone worker monitoring solutions help keep your employees safe as they work alone. Workers check in throughout their shifts via a mobile app or by contacting one of our 24/7 live operators.

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