How lone worker safety check-ins keep workers safe


Lone worker safety isn’t just a moral imperative- it’s also the law. Employers are legally responsible for protecting employees who work alone. These lone workers are at a higher risk for accident and injury, so lone worker monitoring systems and safety check-ins are an absolute must.

Stronger communication

Communication is essential to keeping lone workers safe, which is why a safety check-in system is vital. These systems facilitate communication between employees, leadership, and monitors. Workers check in regularly, providing updates on their status and well-being. In addition, they can supply pertinent details of their situation, environment, and the progress of their tasks. With regular communication and check-ins, a successful rescue is more likely if something goes wrong.

CommAlert’s worker monitoring systems can use live operators and an automated check-in app to establish strong lines of communication between your workers and our live operators.

Faster emergency response time

As an employer, keeping your employees safe is a top priority. You take steps to prevent emergencies and guarantee the well-being of workers. However, accidents can happen despite your best efforts. During these emergencies, it is imperative to respond quickly and effectively.

Safety check-ins and monitoring systems can speed up response time in emergencies. For example, our agents enact a callout and emergency procedures if a lone worker misses a check-in. This response prevents delays during the rescue, which could compromise your worker’s safety.

Improved employee focus

Check-in systems are a useful tool for maintaining employee engagement and focus during their shift. Consequently, workers are less likely to make mistakes that might compromise their safety. 

CommAlert sends periodic reminders to lone workers, helping to keep them focused on the task at hand. As a result, their minds are less likely to wander, which also produces higher-quality work. Employees can maintain concentration by checking in via a mobile app instead of calling a live operator.

Safer work environment

A safe work environment is where employees share their concerns because they believe the leadership team cares about their well-being. Instead of being reprimanded for speaking up, workers feel confident that they will be listened to.

With safety systems in place, potential workplace hazards that may have gone unnoticed are recognized and remedied. Not only does this create a safer work environment, but it also establishes a healthy company culture with greater job satisfaction.

Keep lone workers safe with CommAlert

CommAlert provides customizable lone-worker monitoring solutions to keep employees safe during their shifts. Workers can check in via a mobile app or by touching base with one of our live 24-hour operators. If they fail to make a check-in, we initiate emergency call-out procedures.

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