lone worker safety


If you employ lone workers, equipping them with a personal safety alarm is a good idea. A personal safety alarm is a small handheld device or smartphone application that acts like a panic button. This device or app will have GPS positioning and a third-party monitor. If a lone worker is in danger or gets injured, the worker can easily hit the button on a personal device. Hitting the button alerts the monitor, who will activate a call-out procedure to ensure the lone worker’s safety.

At The CommAlert Group, our call centre specializes in emergency communications and lone worker safety solutions. With a service that operates 24/7, we will be on the other side of your lone worker’s safety alarm. So when the alarm sounds, our agents will be there to help. We will initiate the emergency response plan we’ve built together to ensure your lone workers’ safety.

Prevent workplace injuries

When you set up lone worker emergency services, we design a communications plan for you. If lone workers somehow end up in a dangerous situation or are at risk, their personal safety alarm becomes a lifesaving device. They hit the button on their device to connect with us. Then we will put necessary emergency protocols into action at once.

A personal safety alarm can also help ensure an injury does not worsen. For example, suppose someone gets hurt and can’t move. Hitting a personal safety alarm button is much easier than trying to move or shout to find help. Some workplace settings have a safety alarm button on the wall. This button would also be challenging to reach if a worker is severely injured. In addition, pressing a button on your person is much faster than fumbling on the phone to make a call for help.

Feel safe

A lone worker who knows that help is right at their fingertips, should they need it, will feel more secure on the job. Even in certain professions that don’t seem too dangerous, lone workers may still have valid safety concerns.

Having a one-press personal safety alarm is also helpful if the worker feels another person is putting them at risk. Then, if they are in a bad situation or feel threatened, they can quietly and subtly hit the button for help.

A personal safety alarm empowers your lone worker employees. With CommAlert, lone workers can also breathe easy knowing an actual person is ready to help if needed.

Jobs that benefit

When lone workers work with materials or equipment that come with safety concerns or work alone at night, equipping them with a personal alarm is a no-brainer. However, there are many other jobs that a personal alarm for that would also benefit. These jobs include cashiers, real estate agents, custodians and home care workers. Other jobs like lab technicians, Uber drivers and retail store employees would also be great candidates for this type of service.

Again, one of the most beneficial aspects of a personal safety alarm is connecting it to trained live agents 24/7 who are trained to handle emergencies and workplace safety situations.

Contact CommAlert today to discuss adding personal alarms to your lone worker safety plan!