Does my business need an emergency alert system?

Organizations and businesses should take a proactive approach to safety, emergency preparedness, and response. Part of that emergency response plan should be a notification system to help keep stakeholders and employees informed.

Access to updated information can improve safety in emergencies, including natural disasters, emergency events, and even pandemics.

What is an emergency alert system?

You’ve likely received an emergency alert from the local government on your phone. Often, they alert community members of weather-related risks or ask for assistance in a local crime. Large businesses can also utilize a similar mass notification system.

An emergency alert system will automatically alert employees and stakeholders via text or email on their mobile devices to inform them or update them on a hazardous situation.

How can emergency alert systems help?

Real-time notifications can provide the information they need to stay safe. For example, the alert might advise employees to evacuate a building and guide them to a mustering site. Then, they can move out of harm’s way and await further instructions from your team.

Emergency notifications can also help reduce panic and stress in an emergency. People will receive updates instantly, so they don’t have to wonder what is happening or what to do next. In addition, advanced alert systems can be two-way. For example, your alerts can ask for a response to ensure that the recipients are okay and not in immediate danger.

Emergency notification systems are also helpful in ongoing emergencies. For example, during the pandemic or in the fall-out after a natural disaster like a flood, people require updated information as the situation changes. A mass notification system can ensure stakeholders get updates as they evolve.

Setting up an emergency alert plan

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety recommends that your business develops an emergency plan. A significant part of this plan is establishing emergency communications, including alerting stakeholders and employees, external agencies and the outside population as necessary.

The CommAlert Group can help you create an emergency communications plan that includes mass notifications. You can provide us with your contact record, including staff, stakeholders, government agencies, and residents that live within the predetermined emergency zone. If disaster strikes, we initiate the emergency alert procedure.

You can customize the messages, and we can send alerts via text, phone call, or email. Recipients can respond to let us know if they’re safe, heading to a muster point, or needing help. That information is available to your organization through an online portal that includes maps and reports.

Setting up an emergency communications response plan takes careful planning. However, being proactive and not reactive is vital to keeping your employees safe. Setting up an emergency notification system can help your business stay a step ahead and protect your people.

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