As a Doctor, show your Medical Patients you’re always there for them.

When your clients call looking for a Doctor, they expect you to be there.

If your clinic is missing phone calls, prospective and current patients alike are going to move on to another clinic, and your team misses the chance to acquire a new patient or even lose a revenue-driving regular patient.

Answering the phone when your patients need you can be a balancing act, and it can be difficult to find a method that both works and is cost-effective. Our team at CommAlert ensures your clinic is represented with 24/7 call answering services that are specifically tailored for a Doctor’s clinics like yours.


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Doctor Answering Services

CommAlert can give your Doctor's Clinic the extra support you need, without the added cost.

Our services are ideal for Doctor’s Clinics, where patients typically call throughout the day, but may require some after hours assistance in emergency situations. We often find that many clinics often spread call handling duties across practitioners or work with a very time-strained support team.

If patients are landing in your voicemail box, there’s a high chance you’ve lost them as a valued patient. Our team and medical answering service ensures your clinic has its calls handled 24/7. When your patients call at busy hours where your team might be managing multiple lines, or during after-hours, our agents will ensure they’re helped effectively through scheduling, canceling and confirming appointments.

If your callers go to voicemail, you might have lost them forever. Our call answering services offer around-the-clock call handling for your clinic.  If your patients call at busy times, over lunch or during closing hours, our agents will help them by scheduling, canceling and confirming appointments. Plus, if you find your patients ask general questions, like your address or directions to your clinic, we can provide all that information to them in a way that gives them confidence in your business. Or if you have specialized answering scripts, we’re happy to work with your branded messaging.

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Full-service solutions that suit your Doctor's Clinic.

Our staff is expertly trained in call handling, so you can be confident we’ll reduce the stress on your team so you can focus on other key features of your business. We’re always available 24/7 for booking appointments with patients or managing reminder systems for them.

Stop worrying about messages going unanswered. We’ll connect your Medical Office with CommAlert’s expert answering services seamlessly so your clinic is running at peak efficiency. Every plan we offer is completely customizable so you can be confident that no matter how unique your medical clinic offerings are, we can ensure your answering system matches your needs and patient’s requirements.

In the event of an emergency, we can patch calls directly to your office or any on-call dentist. This will allow your caller to connect with your clinic immediately.

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With CommAlert’s flexible and customizable plans, we can help you with:

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Build Your Personalized Doctor Answering & Notification Solution

CommAlert is a trusted Doctor Answering System service provider

CommAlert assists businesses and communities by delivering emergency response, safety and tracking, and call centre services. For over 25 years, we’ve been trusted by companies across the country.

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