About the Walk Safe pilot project

The Downtown Recovery Taskforce is piloting a Walk Safe mobile application. The goal of the application is to improve the feeling of safety and security for downtown workers returning to the office after working remotely during the pandemic.

The Walk Safe application will provide a digital connection in real-time with The CommAlert Group’s 24-hour safety response team. Pilot participants can call and hold a live connection to the safety response team while walking to their destination or transit. If the user requires assistance, the CommAlert response team can contact the police or other emergency services.

Pilot participants will try out the application for the next two months and provide user feedback. We want to analyze feedback on response times, community connectedness, and an improved feeling of safety and security.

How the service works

Monitor Me

  • By turning on ‘Monitor Me’ the passive monitoring of your GPS location is activated
  • Once this is on, you need to ‘Check In’ every 15 minutes to confirm that you are safe and don’t require assistance
  • If you do not ‘Check In’ within the 15 minute timeframe, a five minute buffer is given and then the Walk Safe team will call your cell phone
  • If you don’t answer, Emergency Services are dispatched to your last identified location

Talk While You Walk

  • If you would prefer to have more active monitoring of your walk home you can activate the ‘Quick Call’ service and a Walk Safe team member will remain on the phone with you for the duration of your walk


  • Should you require emergency services to be dispatched at any time you can activate ‘SOS’ and a Walk Safe team member will immediately dispatch emergency services

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