COVID Continuity Champion: Lester Yearwood

Contributors to the COVIDContinuity website are known as Champions, as they provide their leadership, insight, and resources to assist other business owners in these challenging times. We will be featuring these Champions on our blog.

Lester Yearwood

Owner, Yearwood Consulting Inc. and Yearwood Studios

How have you adapted your leadership style through the crisis?

Something that resonated with me was the importance of letting yourself be vulnerable. When you do that as a leader, you allow others to connect with you at a deeper level. Adopting that mindset throughout the Coronavirus pandemic has certainly improved my leadership style.

Describe a tough decision you’ve had to make since the pandemic started.

I have been fortunate and have not been faced with truly tough decisions. I know that is not the same situation for a lot of leaders in business.

How are you feeling?

I am feeling well. Living through these challenging times has allowed me to tighten my focus on what is truly important. My hope is that our communities will continue to work together and learn how to foster better relationships as a result of this crisis.

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